Afraid of the Dark

by Co.Z Kidz

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The Co.Z kids return to find themselves lost in a spooky forest full of werewolves, vampires, ghouls, goblins, the boogie man and Jack The Ripper. Instrumental produced by Alan M., inspired by the "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" theme song. Concept and lyrics by Jack Horkings & Zoë Chao. Album art by Michael Gray.


I hate crocodiles, mummies, bad witches, spells, criminals, murderers, liars, um, celery, disease, vampires, riddles, evil robots, sharks, snakes, hyenas, beasts, sorcerers, aliens, dragons, nazis, ghosts and the K.K.K..

Oh, I can feel my bones start to quiver
Alone in my room I shiver
I know my nightlight isn't too bright
I think I just tinkled in my tights


Werewolf, check, a full moon
I do warn you to keep away or meet your doom
Or–BOO! Twilight and Potter left shook
I'm not the type you might find in childish books

I'm a lycan: come out in the night, cause fright
'Cause I might take a bite when I close my jaws tight
Aight? So are you two afraid of the dark?
'Cause my bite might scare you quite more than my bark


I'm afraid of, uh, vegetables, tetanus shots, truant officers, Bono from U2's sunglasses and all of Oprah.

Oh, I can feel my bones start to quiver
Alone in my room I shiver
I know my nightlight isn't too bright
I think I just tinkled in my tights

The deep end!
Bed bugs.
West nile!
And O.J. Simpson
–and his gloves!

I'm the boy so I gotta stay strong–
What is that?!
Oh my God!
Don't say that!
I meant gosh…
Holy crap, hold my hand!
Gross, no–wait, why are we in the woods? I told you this was a bad idea...
–No you said it was good! I knew shouldn't've listened to you, all boys are so dumb.
I wish I was in my bet right now wetting it and sucking my thumb...
…instead of meeting all these scary monsters
–Jack let's go! I peed my tights!
I would but I am frightened and I froze.

(Oh no!)

(HAHAHA) Oh I'ma come and get you
Suck your blood and let you (suck your blood)
Scream and cry, you little brat
I sing like this 'cause I'm a fat vampire (I'm a vampire)

Admire my teeth

I think we should talk about what we like:
We like four square…
…action heroes…
uh, Eloise!
André 3000
Sugar gliders,
–and narwals...

Oh, I can feel my bones start to quiver
Alone in my room I shiver
I know my nightlight isn't too bright
I think I just tinkled in my tights

Hey, I'm the boogeymonster, I was born to haunt ya
And I think they made your bones just for me to crunch ya
Eat you like lunch-a-ble, kid munch ya
Swing around your back and hit your face like a nunchuck

So you better run, but I bet I'll be behind ya
Ready set go, try to hide, and I'll find ya
And then, of course, I hope to eat your heart
After sundown, run now, and be scarred of the dark

I'll peel off your toenails
I sweat slime like I'm a snail

Boogey, me, vampire:
Eat entire little chillinz
'Cause we're villains
Oh, yeah we're villains

"Please sire, can I have some more?"
"You want MOREEE??"


Jack The Ripper, I actually exist
Make a family, and then I'll make a bastard of your kids
And a window of your wife; just a pencil, no knife
'Cause I found that it was mightier, I kill it when I write

But tonite, I'ma put this lead deep into your head
Keep your kids away, ok, and if you meet me then you're dead
I might be in your closet, or underneath your bed
Or maybe standing over, slowly cutting off you head

I rip it, to me, beat killing's like breathing
So when it gets dark, be afraid, start leaving
You to the Ripper is a goon to a goblin
Nothing, nothing, you ain't scaring nothing

I just wanna go home!


released October 31, 2010
Instrumental by A.Mendelsohn
Concept, lyrics and vocals by Z.Chao & J.Horkings
Arrangement, recording and mixing by J.Horkings
Album art by M.Gray




Co.Z Providence, Rhode Island

Co.Z, originally formed as Company ZoJa in 2008, is a neo new age hip hop rhythm and pop duo made up of two young do-it- yourselfers with an electro trip pop rap sound and image. The pair write, produce, record and mix their own songs, design their own album art work, and have even been know to do photoshoots in the wild. Soon videos will be coming, along with the "Get Co.Z" album for download. ... more

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