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Created in 2008, this song was the first from the Co.Z duo's original project together, back when they called themselves ZoJa. The instrumental was provided but a producer named Digital, while Co.Z created the concept, lyrics, vocals and album art.

Music Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3W2Owg40DY



Aya aya aya
My sink's on fire, fire
Pass me the pliers
Pla yayayayayayayayaers

[Zoë Spoken]:
We need the Handyman
Oh goody, pass me the rolodex

[Zoë & (Jack)]:
You'll be my Handyman
I'll be your Handywoman
We'll be so handy hand in hand (Hello?)
That's the plan, Stan

What is the problem?
There's something in the sink
Oh are they clogged hun?
Will you get out the kink?
Well I can try
You and me equals a connection
A strong link

WOW! WOW! Pretty lady, slow down, I'm a pro
Been known to make the stickiest of icky clogs flow
Now let me check out your problem
I'll be your Handyman, unclog them

[Zoë & (Jack)]:
You'll be my Handyman (I'll take your problems)
I'll be your Handywoman (And I will solve them)
We'll be so handy hand in hand
(That's the plan)/That's the plan, Stan

That doesn't sound right
What is the problem now?
Did you close it up tight?
You think I didn't know how?
I don't mean to fight
But I got dishes to do tonight

Let me break it down, I dont make it up, like the truth
I hit the ground running, when I'm doing it for you
What I mean is I'm loving to be helping you out
I need to be needed and that's what it's all about

Needing to be feeding your desire to be proud
Of your Handyman, sh!t youre saying it aloud
Prolly play it to a crowd, but I'll handle, it's dandy
I'm glad to admit I am your man that is handy (Uh)

[Zoë & (Jack)]:
You'll be my Handyman (Handyman)
I'll be your Handywoman (Handywoman)
We'll be so handy hand in hand
(That's the plan)/That's the plan, Stan

WOW! WOW! Pretty lady, glad to help you out
Any time that you need it you can call no doubt
If the sink is ever clogged, I'm your Handyman


released November 14, 2008
Instrumental provided by Digital Productions
Concept, lyrics and vocals by Zoë Chao & Jack Horkings
Recording and mixing by J.Horkings
Album art photography by S.Carroll, editing by Z.Chao




Co.Z Providence, Rhode Island

Co.Z, originally formed as Company ZoJa in 2008, is a neo new age hip hop rhythm and pop duo made up of two young do-it- yourselfers with an electro trip pop rap sound and image. The pair write, produce, record and mix their own songs, design their own album art work, and have even been know to do photoshoots in the wild. Soon videos will be coming, along with the "Get Co.Z" album for download. ... more

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