Hey Hey

by Co.Z

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Created in 2008, this song is from the Co.Z duo's first project together, back when they called themselves ZoJa. The instrumental was provided but a producer named Digital, while Co.Z created the concept, lyrics, vocals and album art.


[The following lyrics need to be updated to include Zoë's words]

Hey hey misses, no more kisses
I mean business, no more you
'Cause I am moving on and up
And out with old and in with new

And in my plans you're not included
I think differently, now moving
Said I loved you, didn't know though
I was riding high like polo

Now I'm grounded, ships ashore
I was not searching for more
And yet I think that I have found it
What I thought I had before

But I hesitate
I can not make the same mistake
This heart I can not afford to break
Though should know, how I feel

She should know, How I feel
That it's real, that I'm real now
Feel this, I'll reel this in
And reappear as a full grown mind

But when you ask how I am I say fine
But let me take the time now in rhyme
To define what is happening inside
Let me lend a piece of mind as we take you on a ride


released August 11, 2009
Instrumental provided by Digital Productions
Concept, lyrics and vocals by Zoë Chao & Jack Horkings
Recording and mixing by J.Horkings
Album art photography by S.Carroll, editing by Z.Chao & J.Horkings




Co.Z Providence, Rhode Island

Co.Z, originally formed as Company ZoJa in 2008, is a neo new age hip hop rhythm and pop duo made up of two young do-it- yourselfers with an electro trip pop rap sound and image. The pair write, produce, record and mix their own songs, design their own album art work, and have even been know to do photoshoots in the wild. Soon videos will be coming, along with the "Get Co.Z" album for download. ... more

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